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This Training Program has been developed to enable a beginner to understand Android Application Development. We will first understand the Android Application Development Architecture and its basic components. Then, we develop user interface & user layout. Moving on, various topic including android file systems, data storage, interaction with GPS, Telephony and multimedia file is also covered. In short, this program teaches about the topics mentioned above, from scratch. 

Training Duration: 40 Hours Eligibility: Basic Knowledge of Core Java 


Chapter 1 - Android - The Big Picture

Chapter 2 - User Interface Layout & Events 

Chapter 3 - Menus and Dialogs 

Chapter 4 - Data Storage Methods 

Chapter 5 - Notification and Alarms

Chapter 6 - Telephony 

Chapter 7 - Multimedia 

Chapter 8 - Location and Location Manager 

Chapter 9 - Graphics and Animations 

Chapter 10 - Publishing your App!